May 2017

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    My top five funniest black female comedians that I enjoy watching are (1) Whoopi Goldberg from the View, (2) Loni Love from The Real, (3) Wanda Sykes, (4) MoNique, and (5) Aisha Tyler from The Talk. These women are also from my favorite movies. Whoopi Goldberg was on The Color Purple with Danny […]

Julie Zuckerberg is an excellent administrator who has competently managed executive talent acquisition, and recruitment lead responsibilities for many prominent organizations in the financial investment, and banking sector. If you need a gifted and exceptionally skilled personality to help your company source the best professionals in management related positions, Zuckerberg is your choice. However, this […]

When it comes to business and investment, product position is the key element of successful ventures. Product position helps the enterprise to define and exploit available opportunities in the market. In addition to the opportunities exploitation, product position contributes to the possibilities of networking with entities and people who have paved their way in the […]