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Puerto Rico recently experienced the worst hurricane it has ever had, and its aftermath results have seen a vast number of the area’s residents homeless and others without power. The cyclone Irma which affected the field at the beginning of September this year caused a lot of damage to the energy and infrastructure of the […]

The American Diabetes Association recognizes good work from researchers who bring massive impact in their work and those working on upcoming studies. Dr. Mark Holterman has been among those awarded for their excellent jobs. He received the Innovative Research Award from ADA. In the quest of finding solutions for diabetes, American Diabetes Association has supported […]

Adam Milstein takes great pride in his Israeli roots and heritage. The serial entrepreneur-cum-philanthropist is considered as a hero to those who know him. Adam dutifully served during the war of Yom Kippur while he was in the Israeli Defense Forces. Additionally, Adam is an adept community volunteer and mobilizer in his neighborhood.   Education […]

Daniel Mark Harrison is the founder and director of his company, named after him, which operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The company is aimed at catering for the family. Harrison holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Olso. He further graduated in Oxford University with Theology. Daniel Mark Harrison has worked with the […]