Degradable Waiakea Water Bottle Changing the Industry

Waiakea Water has been producing some of the best tasting purified water since 2012, all due in part to their unique purification process. The water comes from the Hawaiian mountains and is naturally funneled through thousands of feet of natural volcanic tubes, resulting in an endless supply of the best tasting water on the planet. Not only does the aquifer produce millions of gallons of water each day, there doesn’t appear to be an end to the supply in the near future.

Waiakea Water could simply capitalize on their fortunes, but this company has their focus on environmental initiatives. Each time a bottle of their volcanic water is sold, they donate a week’s supply of clean water to a community in need. What may surprise many is that millions of people are drying each year because they lack access to fresh water. Waiakea Water has also teamed with PumpAid, to help teach these communities how to access fresh water and to preserve it for generations to come.

Recently, Waiakea Water teamed with TimePlast to create a better plastic water bottle. The company already uses 100 percent recycled plastic for their bottles, but the company wanted to do better. CEO Ryan Emmons, says Waiakea Water has made a breakthrough and developed an additive that will allow plastic bottles to degrade faster than anyone thought possible. Instead of the plastic lying around landfills for 1,500 years, Waiakea Water has a new fully degradable water bottle that will begin to degrade faster and be gone in only 15 short years.

The hopes of Emmons is that the rest of the plastic bottling industry follows along with his company’s lead. The new additive can degrade a thousand pounds of plastic with only one pound of addictive, something every bottling company can absorb into their production costs. This new plastic bottle will simply revolutionize an industry, speeding up the degradation process by 97 percent and relying less on the limited natural resources of the planet.

Future generations will certainly benefit when Waiakea Water releases their new plastic water bottle and changes the way the world and industry looks at recycling moving forward.