Eric Lefkofsky Helps Those Live Longer with Cancer

Anyone who likes to shop online has heard of the business Groupon. What might not sound familiar to you however is the name Eric Lefkofsky. For people who live to shop online, Groupon has been used by most. The site is aimed to help people to save money on doing activities that they love such as sky diving, swimming, mini golf and more. If you have not shopped on Groupon, you most likely have at least looked at their site.

For those who are affected by cancer, you need to know about Tempus. More people are affected by cancer now than ever before. If you or someone you love is being treated for cancer, you should speak to your doctor about using Tempus. This service will help your doctor to gather more information on your specific case as well as ways to treat your individual case and learn more about Eric.

Tempus has been used by well known hospitals which help to treat those who have cancer. The Tempus lab is made up of 20,000 square feet and it is this lab that helps to analyze each specific patient. Once the data is stored, the doctors can then go into the file and read what information they need to make a better treatment plan.

By analyzing all the information gathered, more lives are able to be saved because their treatment is aimed at their own case and not at how others were treated. It might not be a cure to cancer however it does help those to live longer lives than before and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric has spent a good amount of time in creating successful business ventures and with Tempus, this will be the one that helps people the most. It is nice to be able to save money while doing things that you love and by living longer, you are able to enjoy those things even longer and more information click here.

Eric is no longer heavily involved with Groupon however he remains a shareholder in the business. He has stepped down in his involvement with Groupon however he remains a shareholder so that when Tempus is completely off the ground and flourishing, he is able to step back into his primary role in Groupon.