Fabletics Experiences Rapid Growth


Fabletics has become a powerhouse when it comes to athleisurewear clothing. This company has definitely managed to do much more than survive when it comes to e-commerce. The barriers to entry are high for any type of retail clothing store, but Fabletics has managed to survive because Kate Hudson has been the one that has been building this empire.


She has managed to do a lot of great things when it comes to keeping people connected with the brand that continues to evolve with new clothing every week. People are checking out what she’s doing because the Fabletics brand is very different from what most of the competition is offering. While most retail clothing stores that have athletic clothes for women are selling standard clothes Kate Hudson is designing a clothing collection that is built to last.


She has put her stamp on different aspects of athletic clothing by creating her own activewear line and recruiting Demi Lovato to help her with expanding his brand.


Kate Hudson knows a lot of different things about clothing because she is taking time to do the design. She is not someone that is willing to hand this company over to someone else. She has a strong desire to actually put forth the effort herself. This is what makes the brand work. Kate is giving it a personalized touch, and for some consumers that means everything in the world when it comes to gaining their loyalty.


Fabletics is growing quickly with consumers, and there is no doubt that Kate Hudson is going to be a retail clothing mogul at the rate that she is going. There are more than a hundred stores that are set to open within the next several years, and this is proof that Hudson is going to make good on her desire to build this brand and take on bigger companies like Amazon.


Fabletics has become a brand that has been created by business partners that had a vision to revolutionize the way that women purchased clothes online. Fabletics is another brand within the series of other brands like JustFab and FabKids that have become part of the TechStyle empire that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg created. This time around they added an additional co-founder with Kate Hudson, and she has been spearheading the growth of Fabletics ever since. She has really worked hard to help this brand gain recognition.

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