George Soros is a Proud American who Fights for Justice

There is a man by the name of George Soros who has been influencing American politics since for a very long time. Soros is an individual who deeply concerned about the plight of this nation. Though he was originally born in Hungary, he now lives in the United States as a proud American and more information click here.

Soros loves the U.S. A lot because this nation provides the perfect type of society for people to develop. The U.S. Provides opportunity for people to succeed and to live a life of freedom and equality. Even if this country is not perfect, it is still a great nation because all that it has to offer and learn more about George Soros.

While America is a wonderful place to live, work and grow; there are forces within this nation that are out to destroy and restrict peoples lives. George Soros understands this all too well. He realizes that many American citizens do not want immigrants in this country. As an immigrant himself, Soros is deeply disturbed by this type of thinking and movie produced by George Soros.

Soros also is aware of the racial injustice that happens with the U.S. Even though it is the year 2017 (as of this writing), racial tension is still a major problem within this country. The Treyvon Martin incident, the Ferguson riots over the death of Mike Brown and the 2017 protests in Virginia are just some of the major situations that prove this point and

Soros might not agree with the lifestyle of transgender people but he does support their right to live life on their own terms. Soros wants to ensure that all people have the right to live as they desire – even if their lives are not well accepted by the majority of the population.

The Democratic Party owes a lot to George Soros. He has persistently helped to fund some major democratic candidates to office. Politicians such as Hillary Clinton and even President Barrack Obama was even supported by Soros during their run for office. Soros also has the Democratic Alliance which works to prevent the Republican Party or Conservative agenda from getting too strong.

Hundreds of social and political organizations throughout the United States have been supported by George Soros. He has helped to impact society and the liberal cause through these organizations. He fights against immigration reform with the help of some of these groups and he also takes on racial injustice by financing others and

George Soros will not slow down or stop in his struggle against injustice. He realizes that a lot is at stake if he does. He wants to make America a better place. The billionaire financier is also very afraid for America since Donald Trump has been elected to office. Soros believes that President Trump is truly one of the worse things that could happen to America. However, this will not stop him from standing up for this country, its people and way of life.