Greg Aziz And National Steel Car Keeps The World On The Move

Many of the products used in daily living are transported from manufacturers and companies from around the world. Little thought is given to the fact petroleum, for instance, has to make its way to many countries by some means. The rail cars that carry such products are finely engineered and manufactured by a company that has over one hundred years of experience in providing transport for flammable liquids as well as other products. National Steel Car is one of the leading companies in manufacturing, and engineering rail cars. They have a reputation for being a quality manufacturer who provides excellence in engineering.


National Steel Car operates under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. Gregory J. Aziz holds the positions as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the company. With him at the helm, a vital part of the company’s growth strategy is their commitment of quality service through fine, precision engineering. The company leads the world in innovation in the industry, and in new rail cars. Greg Aziz and National Steel Car credits the success of the company to the teams of people who are employed there. They are considered as the cornerstone of the company, and the most valued, and important asset.


Greg James Aziz attended Ridley College, and the University of Ontario where he majored in economics. He was born in London, Ontario in 1949. After his graduation from college, he worked with the family wholesale fresh food distribution business. They provided fresh food to many global countries. In 1971, the company grew after sixteen years, to become the largest international importer that shipped to countries globally, including the United States.


With the tireless pursuit of excellence in engineering and manufacturing, Gregory J Aziz and National Steel Car build over a thousand new railroad freight cars per year. National Steel Car is the only company in North America that is certified, ISO. It has held this position and honor for the last eighteen years. Since 1996, the company has been honored with the highest quality award, the TTXSECO award. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and gives back by building communities, and sponsoring various charities. Visit This Page for more information.