Hussain Sajwani of Damac Group Properties Provides Leisure Properties for Fun in the United Arab Emirates

When it comes to business and investment, product position is the key element of successful ventures. Product position helps the enterprise to define and exploit available opportunities in the market. In addition to the opportunities exploitation, product position contributes to the possibilities of networking with entities and people who have paved their way in the industry.

With strong branding network in business, come successful ventures. A good example of one such enterprise, which has successfully executed networking and product positioning, is DamacGroup. This is a Dubai-based business. It specializes in property development. The proprietor is Hussain Sajwani. He is the chief executive officer of the firm.


Hussain Sajwani was born in 1956. He hails from the United Arab Emirates. He is also the founder and chief executive of the successful Damac Group Properties. Hussain Sajwani is one of the founding fathers of the group. Since its establishment, he has been involved in the decision-making process.

In the 1990s, he built many hotels in the United Arab Emirates. He took advantage of the opportunity that the government allowed citizens to own property. That is how Hussain Sajwani family penetrated the United Arab Emirates market.

As an astute business professional as well as investor, Hussain Sajwani has perfected the art of entering into global equity markets. He has also learned the ropes of being part of the world markets.

Damac is Established

In 2002, DamacGroup was established with Hussain Sajwani taking the lead position of the company. Since the establishment of the company, Hussain has concentrated on diversifying its portfolio to not only real estate, but also, luxury properties developer.

From the first residential building within the United Arab Emirates to the golf course designed by the prominent Tiger Woods, Sajwani has crafted his art in business and branding. He has successfully executed this through the multi-billion enterprise, DamacGroup. Learn more about DAMAC owner:


Damac has developed in stature by specializing in offering luxurious and glitzy properties for residential and commercial purposes. Among the properties is the golf course branded Trump. The gold course saw Hussain Sajwani rubbing shoulders with President Donald Trump.

This is an indication of Hussain Sajwani’s commitment to seeing DamacGroup grow to the next level, internationally. Because he is visionary, Hussain Sajwani commits to exploring developmental strategies for his company.

The Damac owner recently announced his plans to list Damac Group on the London Stock Exchange docket. He also said that he is looking into diversifying Damac Group into new markets. He is planning to do this through industries and subsidiaries.