Kim Dao Reveals Her Picks For The Best Japanese Hair Care Products

Japan is well known for its wide array of hair care products. So, which ones are the best for your hair? Luckily for you, beauty expert Kim Dao has just released a video on her main YouTube channel addressing this issue. Entitled “THE BEST JAPANESE HAIR PRODUCTS | JAPANESE Hair Products you MUST BUY,” this vlog goes through all the best Japanese brands specifically designed for hair care.


The first product Kim Dao reviews is the Kao Essential Rich Damage Care Treatment. As the name suggests, this product is intended to strengthen damaged hair. Kim Dao highly recommends this product for anyone with dyed hair. Kim uses this treatment every time she showers. Learn more:


Second, Kim Dao reviews the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower by Shiseido. People who will really benefit from this product are those who wake up with bad bed hair. All you have to do is spray the Ma Cherie Perfect Shower on your messy hair, comb, and then just let your hair air dry. It’s really that simple! Learn more:


The next item on Kim’s list is the Kao Merit Shampoo. If you want to try the most popular shampoo in Japan, this is the one to buy. Some of the key ingredients that make this product work so well include eucalyptus and fruit acids. Not only is Kao Merit Shampoo a high-quality product, it is also easy and quick to use.


A few other products covered in this video include Venus Spa Hair Fragrance, Tsubaki Shiseido Extra Moist Shampoo, and Tsubaki Shiseido Damage Care Treatment.Learn more: