Mark Hutchinson’s Dream to Preserve the Wilderness Regions in the World

Mark Hutchinson had the privilege of growing up in Australia where he was lucky enough to experience the kind of adventures in the wild most young boys only dream of. He often recollects his adventures of riding horses, herding sheep and exploring wombat caves. As a young adult, Mr. Hutchinson traveled through the far northern regions of Australia as a Jackaroo, during which time he spent his days fishing and camping in the wild. At the young age of 19 he was able to traverse the entire length of Africa by car. It was after these first excursions into the wild that Mark Hutchinson became so inspired by nature’s untouched regions that he started his own adventure company called Untamed. Learn more:


Before starting his own adventure company, Mark Hutchinson obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Sydney. Although his company was short lived he did enjoy the wilderness training he was able to provide to others. The objective of his first business endeavor was to provide people with the opportunity to experience life in the wild first hand by taking them on trips to some of the world’s most remote regions. After his first business folded, Mr. Hutchinson revisited his dream in 2008 by establishing a company called Avana. This company offered guide-training and Eco-tourism programs through lodges. Learn more:


While some of the companies established by Mark Hutchinson no longer exist, his dream of preserving the wild areas in the world lives on. In 2016 he created a company known as Wild Ark. His objective for this company was to create a platform through which people could become educated about the need to preserve the wilderness areas that still exist within the world. He also wanted to help people reconnect with nature. His typical day begins around 5:00 in the morning. He eats a nourishing breakfast, which often consists of green tea, bio-dynamic yogurt and an organic smoothie. He is usually at the farm in South Africa by 6:30 in the morning where he assists with the various tasks that need to be completed such as rounding up African Buffalo. Learn more: