More About The Women of Power Group Of Stream Energy

Recently, Stream Energy hosted its Women of Power Retreat. This was in Dallas, TX. It is an annual affair. Stream Energy is one of the leading companies in direct selling. It provides connected life services. This was the fourth edition of this retreat and was hosted over the weekend at the home office which is based in Dallas, TX (


The Women of Power group was launched in 2010. Its mission is to inspire as well as motivate the female Associates of Stream Energy as they go about building their personal businesses.


This Retreat is with a theme each year. The theme this year was Shine. The co-founder, as well as CFO of Stream Energy, is Renée Hornbaker, who stated that the focus this year was on letting out the true selves of each person. They should let their confidence shine and be an inspiration to the others too.


All through the weekend, there were several renowned speakers who spoke to the attendees. These included the news correspondent as well as the best-selling author, Nicole Lapin, besides the business leader Karen Leland along with corporate consultant, namely, Melissa Mark Garner.


The focus of each workshop was on building confidence. This was required in order to cultivate the desired skills that would help the attendees in attaining their business goals. There was a session that was called, “How to Be Your Own Boss.” Also, there were several presentations on topics ranging from personal branding to visualization to mindfulness exercises.


These kinds of resources being provided to the Associates of Stream Energy help their businesses to thrive. All those who had attended the retreat learned several new and valuable skills. These will serve them well as they become the Women of Power.


Stream Energy was founded in 2005. The company is based in Dallas. It makes use of direct selling and this has revolutionized the energy sector completely. It has been able to generate over $8 billion in revenue over 12 years. It is considered as a leading direct selling company today is the field of global energy.