Most Popular Paper Towels and Refrigerators of 2017


According to a January “WiseBread” article study, the number one brand of paper towels is Bounty. They were said to be thick, strong when wet, and lack leaving lint behind. Specifically, Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels were noted as having good scrubbing strength for the toughest jobs. These paper towels are two and a half times thicker than the average paper towel. Bounty is an Amazon best- seller and named the strongest paper towel by Good Housekeeping. Another Amazon best seller, and names second best paper towel, is Brawny. Brawny was also noted as being thick, absorbent and strong when wet. Coming in at number three is VIVA, referred to as soft, gentle and having clothlike cleaning. VIVA is also described as thick and absorbent, making it one of the best paper towel brands.

The most popular refrigerator brands of 2017 have french style doors. They are noted as having large quantity storage capacity and exceptional performance. According to numerous reports, the best refrigerator of 2017 is the GE french door refrigerator. Among a list of features, this refrigerator has adjustable temperature control, gallon door storage, and a dual evaporating cooling system. Coming in directly behind the GE in popularity, is the Samsung french door refrigerator. The Samsung also has large capacity storage and stellar performance ratings.  An essential aspect of kitchen cookware brands and outfitting that people seem to ignore.