OSI Industries Makes Key Acquisitions

OSI Industries is a leader in food manufacturing. The company is expanding its reach by tapping into markets that will help them diversify it’s business profile.

OSI recently acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a European food manufacturer. OSI Industries is counting on this business move to help them make a strong push in the European region. This opens up more revenue streams for the company to create new opportunities within their business model. OSI Industries also acquired Flagship Food Group. They specialize in various sauces and spices that go along with many popular dishes. The company bought Tyson Foods for 7.4 million dollars. Tyson Foods is a Chicago-based food manufacturer. It was in trouble and looking for a partner to help them preserve their infrastructure. Closing Tyson Foods would have resulted in the loss of several hundred jobs. OSI Group was able to save the jobs of many workers. Some of those Tyson Food employees were offered work at OSI Industry locations.

OSI Industries has a long history of being at the forefront of business innovation. The record speaks for itself in the factories as well as the boardroom. The company began as a meat market in the early 1900s. It was the idea of a German immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky began doing business in the Chicago area and before long became a trusted supplier of meat to many food businesses. His sons had taken over the business by the 1950s. At this time OSI Industries was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc wanted to expand his organization into the Illinois and needed a meat supplier who could handle the massive needs of the McDonald’s franchise empire. Otto and Sons not only met the challenge, but introduce new ideas that would endear them to the ambitions of Ray Kroc. They introduced the meat patty cutting machine. The meat patty cutting machine was dedicated to providing McDonald’s with a ready-made product. Cryogenic freezing made a tremendous impact on the fast food industry. This allowed suppliers to store large amounts of product for clients who were growing their businesses. Otto and Sons developed cryogenic freezing chambers that catered to the needs of their number one client. Eventually they became the primary supplier to the McDonald’s restaurant empire.

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