The Policy And Governance Policies From Jeremy Goldstein Which Have Helped Many Companies Maintain Good Relationship

Setting up a business corporation requires a lot of effort in the making to ensure that one achieves the best for their company to execute the desired objectives. Engaging in the business world also requires one to have some knowledge in the legal matters as many occasions and procedures require you execute legal matters involving your business. This is a field that most people find it difficult to handle for themselves, but there is one man who is a dedicated and proficient lawyer who have handled multiple financial matters for several companies. Jeremy Goldstein is a professional in the law and operates the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is a boutique law firm and owns a part of it.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of the firm, and his main objective was to provide the most appropriate information and advice to CEOs, executive managers, management teams who oversee that the teams are productive as expected by the companies. Also advising the compensation committees to have a cohesive idea on handling all matters involving payments and compensation. His corporate handles all the issues an organization is facing including the transformation of a company.


Based on research done by Jeremy Goldstein, he says that he has observed that public companies are frequently targeted by an activist who most of the times are fighting for demands of certain rights in various prepositions. This is the main reason why he constantly advises the company to assess their compensation programs to avoid them from being targeted by the shareholder activists. In fact, the activists are always ready to find a simple fault to attack the corporations for their benefit. The corporations should come up with programs that consider the effect on the organization if the current wave of shareholder activism comes upon them.


Jeremy Goldstein states that one of the most important parts to review is the company’s say on pay policy. If a given company uses the voting system to make an important decision involving matters of payments and the vote is defeated at some point, this may be a posing risk that could aggregate disputes in which the shareholder’s activists may take an opportunity. Jeremy Goldstein states that the best action to take is to stay ahead of such matters by reviewing their payments programs and how they differ from the shareholder’s point of view thus reducing the possibility of the tension that may arise. Another way is to hold the annual meeting with the stakeholders to resolve and suggest measures on how to confront challenges that may come up. Jeremy Goldstein has been on the forefront to ensure that companies do not fail because of such matters and advice that it is even better to change the payment and governance structures to create a good relationship with the investors and the governance representatives.


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