Things You Need to Know about Glen Wakeman

Puerto Rico recently experienced the worst hurricane it has ever had, and its aftermath results have seen a vast number of the area’s residents homeless and others without power. The cyclone Irma which affected the field at the beginning of September this year caused a lot of damage to the energy and infrastructure of the island, and the considerable damage it caused to the people’s houses has seen a significant number of them live with agony. The category five storm which saw the island experience heavy rains and winds for over thirty hours was named the worst experience that the people of the area have ever gone through and its damages are estimated to be close to a hundred billion (Crunchbase).

Many charitable organizations have come together to help individuals affected by the hurricane, and more contributions from kind-hearted people are flowing to restore back the normal life of the individuals in the area. Red Cross donation has come together to help people in the area acquire a better living. The Red Cross individuals in Puerto Rico are now coming to the aid of the people with the help of the American red cross and donors. The American Red Cross has been highly devoted towards helping the victims of the hurricane and together with the support of other people, the firm has contributed gloves, hand sanitizers, and many different types of equipment. The equipment will ensure that the individual involved in the rescue mission does not get injured or infected in the course of their operations. Besides, those involved in the help mission have also tried their best to restore the electricity for those and involved and believe that all will be well on the island.

Glen Wakeman, who holds some titles in America has also taken the initiative to contribute funds towards helping the victims affected by the Hurricane. The renowned executive, investor, and entrepreneur donated around one hundred dollars the American Red Cross to come to the aid of those affected by the hurricane. Wakeman is the founder of Nova Four and has worked in some other firms through which he gained experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

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